This website is the ever evolving portfolio of Hildur Rudolfsdóttir. It showcases experience and interaction design that focuses on digital media in education.

Hildur works as an Educational Technology Specialist at Garðaskóli, which is a high school (grades 8-10th) in Garðabær, Iceland.  Alongside her day job she focuses on presenting the work done at Garðaskóli to interested parties, and spreading the joy of lifelong learning to teachers and students through EdTech video tutorials.


Originally from Iceland, I finished my B.Ed. at University of Iceland, majoring in Social Studies Education at the elementary and lower secondary levels. After valuable years as a project manager at Reykjavik's Department of Sports and Recreation I made the switch to formal education in the classroom. There I happily stayed until starting my M.A. at New York University's Digital Media Design for Learning program. After finishing my studies returned to Iceland to work as an Educational Technology Specialist at Garðaskóli.

Coming from a small nation, with limited resources, I understand the importance of quality educational material in the learner's native language. I aim to develop formal and informal educational experiences that enhance social and creative learning opportunities for each learner. 

I have experience and great interest in adult education, especially educators that wish to enhance their own understanding of technology, new teaching methods and assessment tools, based on learning theories and cognitive science.